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Humiplus (Humic acid -20%)

Humiplus 001Humic Acids are Very Essential for plants to improve the qualitatively and quantitatively. Event through the required in small quantity/ they play very important role in plant growth and development. Considering the importance of these elements. Arunai Agro tech has introduced scientifically formulated. HUMIPLUS for foliar spray Which Contains Humic Acids.

Humic 20% are essential for optimum plant growth Humic acids build up organic matter which is required for microbial growth. It Stimulates the respiration rate of seeds which leads to quicker germination. It protects plants from chiorosis, enhance photosynthesis, and increase, vegetative growth which results in their crop and higher yield.

  • It increase the Fruit Size and whight of the Banana.
  • It Helps ripening the fruit evenly.
  • It help to increase banana fruit formation.
  • Reduces the flower drops.

Recommended Dosage:
Dissolve 3 ml of Humiplus with 1 Litre of water.