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Microgreen Millet basal

Anunai4-0Scientifically prepared micro nutrient in powder from for foliar application which improves to following.

  • Improves photosynthesis in plants will become greenish.
  • It will over come micro nutrient.
  • It contains micro nurient along with plant Hormones.
  • Improves disease resistance in all crops.
  • Required in small quantity but increase yield both crop Healthy growth.
  • Repeated application with 15-20 interval will keep crop Health Better growth.
  • Use surfactant with all application of Micro nutrients Spray.


Std Mix on No 6
Contents Min std in % by weight
Zinc (as Zn) 1.68%
Copper (as Cu) 1.00%
Iron (as Fe) 7.60%
Boron (as B) 2.48%
Manganese (as Mn) 1.22%
Molybdenum (as Mn) 0.14%

Ferrous  ion-5.70%, Manganese-9.15%, Zinc-2.31%, borax-0.52% and copper -1.00% as per the recommended ratio from government. It is recommended  for millet basal only.

Recommendation: 5 kg per acre

Recommended dosage :

1 kg of Micro Green in 200 liters water per acre.